Songs of Africa

This album takes you on a trip through traditional Zululand, Lesotho, Mozambique and also introduces you to the delightful clicking of the languages of the Xhosa tribe of the Cape Province in South Africa.

Song Titles

1.   Zulu Wedding Dance
2.   Shangaan Canoe Song
3.   Ai, My Madam
4.   Ikaya Lam
5.   Ja, Ja, Ja
6.   Xhosa Hoeing Songs
7.   This is our Country
8.   Sala Kahle
9.   Dumelang
10.   Hlubi Dance Song
11.   See Your Hand
12.   Mother Leave Me Be
13.   The White Goat
14.   Acted Sketch
15.   Ohu a Oha
16.   Nkosi Sikelele i Afrika