Charles Segal is a renowned Pianist, Composer, Publisher, Teacher, whose volume of work spans a myriad of styles and cultures, characteristic of his life experiences. Charles was trained in classical piano performance, but his heart was captured by American Jazz music and he became an accomplished jazz pianist with a talent for improvisation. Charles is the featured artist on over 200 albums spanning Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, African, Pop, and New Age music. Charles Segal's creative talents are evident in his over 1,000 compositions. His melodies are poignant and sensitive and seem to stem from the depth of his soul. All the songs on this album are Charles Segal originals and are specifically written with melodious overtones to promote relaxation.

While listening to this CD, Close your eyes . . .
R e l a x . . .
Leave all your worries and troubles behind . . .
and let the Piano Stylings of Charles Segal put you in a Relaxed Frame of Mind . . .

Song Titles

1. My Sunshine
2. Sensitivity
3. Evening Glow
4. Sad Song
5. Shades of Blue
6. Romantic Moments
7. Peaceful Thoughts
8. Dreaming
9. African Moon
10. Touch of Spring
11. Sunrise
12. Winter Night
13. Moon Beams
14. Close Your Eyes
15. Star Dust
16. Night Star
17. Misty Lane
18. Sunset
19. Touch of Blue
20. Rainbow Falls