Thanks for the Memory

Charles was raised in South Africa. He was trained in classical piano performance and composition, but his heart was captured by American Jazz music and he developed into an accomplished jazz pianist with a talent for improvisation and composition. Charles became a household name in South Africa with his weekly appearances on radio and TV. His versatility is his mainstay. He is the featured artist on over 200 albums spanning Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Solo Piano, Piano and Orchestra, Jewish, African, and New Age music. Charles now resides in the United States.

This album features Charles playing his favorite love songs on piano in his unique, poetic style using harmonious inner voicings. Charles' playing is hauntingly beautiful, portraying his relaxed and sophisticated style.

Charles' creative talents are evident in his over 1,000 compositions. Two of his moving melodies are featured on this album: "Memories and Memories", and "Those Were The Good Old Days" Charles Segal's music transcends the ordinary - it stems from the depths of his soul.

Song Titles

1.Thanks For The Memory (Leo Robins, Parmaount)
2.Smile (C. Chaplin, Mancini, Famous)
3. Music of the Night (McHugh, EMI)
4. Moon River (Mancini, Famous)
5. Put On A Happy Face (Strouse, Strada)
6.I Cant't Give You Anything But Love
7. Fly Me To The Moon (Howard, Hampshire Music)
8.Green Leaves Of Summer (Tiomkin, Charles Segal Publications)
9.Dear Heart (Mancini, Famous)
10.Shadow Of Your Smile (Mandel, EMI)
11. Sunny Side Of The Streeti> (McHugh, EMI)
12.Those Were The Good Old Days (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
13. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Legranel, EMI)
14. That's All (Sinatra, EMI)
15.The Way You Look Tonight (Kern, EMI)
16. Days Of Wine And Roses (Mancini, Famous)
17. Memories and Memories (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
18. Watch What Happens (Mancini, Famous)
19. Close Every Door (Weber, Leeds Music)<
20. All I Ask Of You (Weber, Leeds Music)