Sentimental Journey

CHARLES SEGAL is a Pianist, Composer, Publisher, Teacher, whose volume of work spans a myriad of styles and cultures, characteristic of his life experiences.

Charles was raised in South Africa. He was trained in classical piano performance and composition, but his heart was captured by American Jazz music and he developed into an accomplished jazz pianist with a talent for improvisation and composition. Charles became a household name in South Africa with his weekly appearances on radio and TV. His versatility is his mainstay. He is the featured artist on over 200 albums spanning Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Solo Piano, Piano and Orchestra, Jewish, African, and New Age music.

Charles Segal's creative talents are evident in his over 1,000 compositions, some of which are featured in this album. "Forsyte Saga" is the musical theme for the SABC drama series. "Magical Mystery Musical" is a children's musical written by Charles and Colleen Segal, which enjoys worldwide popularity.

This piano and small combo selection features some of Charles' favorite Evergreens performed in his unique, scintillating style portraying Charles' exceptional personal experience.

Song Titles

1.   Bluesette (Thielemans, M.C.A. Music Ltd.)
2.   Forsyte Saga (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
3.   Something Strange (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
4.   Emmanuelle (Lei, Chappell Music)
5.   Surfacing (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
6.   Walking in Space (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
7.   Medley: Misty, Moonlight in Vermont (Garner, Chappell Music)
8.   Moonlight in Vermont (Roberts, Chappell Music)
9.   Medley: Yesterday I Heard The Rain (Lees, Manzanero, Laetrec)
10.   There'll Come A Time (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
11.   Magical Mystery Musical Selection (Charles Segal Publications)
12.   Medley: Sentimental Journey (Brown, Chappell Music)
13.   Tuxedo Junction (Johnson, LaFieur)
14.   I've Heard That Song Before (Steyn, Cahn, Chappell Music)
15.   Super Trouper (Ulvaeus,Anderson, Breakaway Music)
16.   Physical (Kipner, April Music)