America the Beautiful

CHARLES SEGAL: Pianist, Composer, Publisher, Teacher, whose volume of work spans a myriad of styles and cultures, characteristic of his life experiences.

Charles was raised in South Africa where he became a household name with weekly appearances on Radio and TV. Versatility is his mainstay. Charles is the featured artist on over 200 albums spanning Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Solo Piano, Piano and Orchestra, Jewish, African, and New Age music.

Charles Segal is now a proud American citizen. This album features Charles playing some of his favorite American music on solo piano in his unique, scintillating style portraying his exceptional personal experience.

Charles' creative talents are evident in his over 1,000 compositions, two of which are featured on this album and are dedicated to his fellow United States citizens. "September 11 Piano Rhapsody" is a moving piano solo. The only vocal track on the album, "You're Not Alone", was written by Charles Segal and lyricist Barbara Brilliant.

Song Titles

1.   America the Beautiful (Ward, Charles Segal Publications)
2.   God Bless America (Berlin, Berlin Music)
3.   Star Spangled Banner (Keys, Charles Segal Publications)
4.   Stars and Stripes Forever (Charles Segal Publications)
5.   God Bless the USA (Greenwood, Universal-Songs of Polygram Inc.)
6.   Dixie (G. Cohen, Charles Segal Publications )
7.   Coming Through The Rye (Charles Segal Publications)
8.   Take Me Out to The Ball Game (Tilzer, Charles Segal Publications)
9.   Our Country Tis of Thee (Charles Segal Publications)
10.   You're A Grand Old Flag (G. Cohen, Charles Segal Publications)
11.   This is our Land (Charles Segal Publications)
12.   Home on the Range (Charles Segal Publications)
13.   On Top Of Old Smokey (Charles Segal Publications)
14.   Yellow Rose Of Texas (Charles Segal Publications)
15.   New York, New York (Sinatra, EMI)
16.   Peace (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
17.   Amazing Grace (Charles Segal Publications)
18.   Anchors Aweigh Miles (Charles Segal Publications)
19.   Marines Hymn (Charles Segal Publications)
20.   Yankee Doodle (G. Cohen, Charles Segal Publications)
21.   Dayo (Charles Segal Publications)
22.   Unforgettable (Gordon, Bourne Music)
23.   September 11 Piano Rhapsody (Segal, Charles Segal Publications)
24.   You're Not Alone (Charles Segal, Barbara Brilliant, Charles Segal Publications)