Piano Man

CHARLES SEGAL is the Piano Man. He was one of South Africa's top musicians and composers with a catalogue of a thousand of his own compositions. Charles has been the featured pianist on over 200 albums, including Classical, Jazz, Pop, Orchestral, African, New Age, Jewish and Contemporary music. He has arranged and produced songs for movies , TV and radio, children's shows and stage musicals.

Charles enjoys sharing his knowledge and talents with others. He has been called "the teacher's teacher" due to his unique and successful teaching style. He currently runs his own music school. Charles is an established music publisher and has published a series of music tutorial books.

Song Titles

1.   I Don't Believe in Fairy Tales (Segal/Clark, Segal Pub)
2.   Piano Man (B.Joel, Joel Music)
3.   Copacabana (B.Manilow,EMI)
4.   Sometimes When We Touch (D.Hill, EMI)
5.   Reeve's Song (C.Segal, Segal Pub)
6.   How Deep is Your Love? ( BeeGees, EMI)
7.   Rise (H. Alpert, A&M)
8.   I Know I'll Never Learn (C.Segal, Segal Pub)
9.   Just the Way You Are (B.Joel, Joel Music)
10.   Piano Lullabye (C.Segal, Segal Pub)
11.  Ready to Take a Chance (B.Manilow, EMI)
12.   Zimbabwe (C.Segal, Segal Pub)