Everyday Things

"Everyday Things" is a delightful collection of children's songs with a difference: the melodies and arrangements have a pop music flavor. The lead singers on most of the songs are children, with professional singers backing them with harmonies. "Everyday Things" paints a picture of a typical day in the life of a child. There is a song about waking up in the morning, and one about choosing clothes to wear. There is even a song about riding to school. The album ends appropriately with a bath-time calypso followed by a soothing lullaby.

This album can be enjoyed by children any time and can also be utilized by pre-school, elementary school teachers or music and drama teachers. The lyrics are lively and perfect for acting out the various situations depicted in the songs. For example: "On the Way to School" or "Having a Fight". Class teachers use the songs as a springboard for discussion (for example: "One Big Happy Family", My Best Friend" and "I Love to Eat"). "Everyday Things" easy arrangements Sheet Music is also available for purchase.

Song Titles

1.   Everyday Things
2.   Time to Get Up
3.   What Shall I Wear?
4.   I Like School
5.   In My Room
6.   One Big Happy Family
7.   Having a Fight
8.   My Best Friend
9.   I Love to Eat
10.   On the Way to School
11.   What Do You Like to Do?
12.   Bath Time
13.   Go to Bed