Everyday Things - A Day in the Life of a Child

Charles This is the sheet music album of the Everyday Things CD There are 13 songs written in easy piano arrangements with lyrics, suitable for a teacher or a music student.

"Everyday Things" is a delightful collection of children's songs with a difference: the melodies and arrangements have a pop music flavor. "Everyday Things" paints a picture of a typical day in the life of a child. There is a song about waking up in the morning, and one about choosing clothes to wear. There is even a song about riding to school. The album ends appropriately with a bath-time calypso followed by a soothing lullaby.

This music can be enjoyed by children any time and can also be utilized by pre-school, elementary school teachers or music and drama teachers. The lyrics are lively and perfect for acting out the various situations depicted in the songs. For example: "On the Way to School" or "Having a Fight". Class teachers use the songs as a springboard for discussion (for example: "One Big Happy Family", My Best Friend" and "I Love to Eat").


Song Titles

1.   Everyday Things
2.   Time to Get Up
3.   What Shall I Wear?
4.   I Like School
5.   In My Room
6.   One Big Happy Family
7.   Having a Fight
8.   My Best Friend
9.   I Love to Eat
10.   On the Way to School
11.   What Do You Like to Do?
12.   Bath Time
13.   Go to Bed