Special Music Series
African Fantasy
Opus Africa, CBS
Africa Sings, Spin Records
Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My, mfp
America The Beautiful
Christmas, Sweet Christmas
Popular Jewish Music
Songs of Africa
Sprankelende Liedjies

Piano and Orchestra Series
Classical Melodies
Honky-Tonk Piano Playtime
Piano Hits
More With Charles Segal
Too Beautiful to Last, EMI
Yesterday Once More, EMI
Dancing With Memories, CBS
Fabulous Moments, CBS
An Evening With Charles Segal, CBS
Charles Segal Pays Tribute to Frank Sinatra, EMI
Come Fly With Me and Other Frank Sinatra Classics
The Sinatra Song Book
Miles of Music, Spin Records
The Entertainer, CBS
Festival of Popular Songs, Reader's Digest
Walk the World, CBS
Piano Man
From Me to You-The Beatles
You've Got a Friend
Segal's Scene
'Seagull' Visits U.S.A., Continental

Jazz Series
South African Jazz Scene, Spin Records
Jazz World

Children's Series
Moses and Other Bible Stories
Aladdin and his Magical Lamp
Everyday Things, EMI
Treasure island
Animal Concert
Famous Tales

Relaxing Piano Series
Romantic Feelings, EMI
Sentimental Journey
Sleepy Shores/ The Midnight Strings, EMI
Pastel Moods
Romantic Moments
Thanks for the Memory
In the Mood for Love
Cuddle up a Little Closer

The Saga of Prunella, commissioned by SABC
The Story of an African Farm, commissioned by SABC
Over My Dead Body Beautiful
Freedom (A Refusenik Story)
Once Upon a StoryLand
It's Okay
Rumplestiltskin and The Shoemakers and the Elves
Living -The Inside Story of your Insides!
Summer Camp
Mystery Mansion
Rocky Road
Magical Mystery Musical