African Fantasy

Charles Segal is an accomplished and renowned Pianist, Composer, Publisher and Teacher, whose volume of work spans a myriad of styles and cultures characteristic of his life experiences.

Charles spent most of his life in South Africa, where his mother, Riva, a talented mandolin-player, introduced him to music. As a child in the northern province of the Transvaal, Charles became fascinated by the African drum-beats of the indigenous people who lived near his family farm. These sounds became part of his everyday life. Charles trained in classical piano performance, but his teenage heart was captured by American Jazz music and he became an accomplished jazz pianist with a talent for improvisation. He worked with the indigenous people and helped them record their traditional songs on an album, "Songs of Africa", which is also available for purchase.

Charles Segal's creative talents are evident in his over 1,000 compositions, many of which have an African flavor. He was the first pianist to record African music for piano and orchestra. Some of his hits include "Africa", "Jungle Rock 'n Roll", "Kwela" and "African Fantasy".

Charles is the featured artist on over 200 albums spanning Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, African, Pop and New Age music. This "African Fantasy" album is a unique melding of the sounds of his youth with the more sophisticated experience of his musical education.

Song Titles

1.   Thanda Mina
2.   Africa
3.   Sabona 4.   Msinga Hide
5.   Botswana
6.   Opus Africa
7.   Langa Township
8.   Zululand
9.   Clifton Beach
10.   Table Bay
11.   Cape Town Carnival
12.   Catching a Wave
13.   Table Mountain
14.   African Fantasy
15.   Gold Mine
16.   Buya
17.   Totsi Hat
18.   In Tzaneen
19.   African Sunset
20.   Zimbabwe
21.   Zulu Chant
22.   Afro Bach
23.   African Dance
24.   African Sun