Animal Concert

animal concert This is the SHEET MUSIC ALBUM of the Children's Animal Concert CD A Musical Show by Jungle Animals. There are 13 songs written in Easy Piano Arrangements with lyrics. Educational Fun for Teachers and Music Students.

ANIMAL CONCERT is a fun musical show performed by jungle animals in the middle of a jungle. The stars include: Hector the Hippo, Olga the Ostrich, Zany the Zebra, Angie the Ape, Rollo the Rhino and more. The song lyrics are educational, yet funny. Each jungle animal has its own individual voice and comic lyrics that are easy and fun for children to sing along and memorize. Elementary School Teachers utilize these songs as a springboard for Multi-media classes with animals as a theme. Music or Drama Teachers mount stage performances of this show, choosing to do the whole concert or just one or two songs. In art class the students make easy costumes and scenary.

Price: $18.00


1.   Animal Concert
2.   Wylie The Wolf
3.   Leo The Lion
4.   Zany The Zebra
5.   Hector The Hippo
6.   Olga The Ostrich
7.   Angie The Ape
8.   Rollo The Rhino
9.   Bongo The Baboon
10.   Garry The Gorilla
11.   Gerry The Giraffe
12.   Eddie The Elephant
13.   Animal Concert